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Which material is useful for hammer crusher

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This question is usually raised by the end customer, even if it's cliche, but it's worth mentioning. After all, users are not manufacturers and they don't understand technology.

Common styles of crushing hammers: high manganese steel hammers, high chromium hammers, manganese alloy hammers, chromium alloy hammers, hardness alloy hammers, manganese chromium alloy hammers, carbon steel alloy hammers, etc., which one is suitable for hammers? Its working conditions, working environment and effect are different. For example, crushed quartz, cobble and other hard ores are suitable for alloy hammers made of high manganese steel or high manganese steel, because the high manganese steel is more impact resistant and wear-resistant. But if the coal, limestone, these are not very hard materials, high manganese steel will be difficult to play its wear-resistant characteristics, now high chromium alloy hammer is the best choice. So what material is good for a hammer? It depends on the scene you are using.